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Tips and Tricks to Crack Campus/Co-operate Interviews


icon Edvantage 1 year ago

Campus placements are an integral part of a student’s life. After completing a degree, the next important step is to participate in the campus placements and land the job of your dreams. But the interviewing process can be intimidating and overwhelming at times. Many times, the pressure of cracking the interview overpowers your skills and subject knowledge.

 You may be good in studies, you may be good in extracurricular activities, but when it comes to interviews, you lose all confidence. This is a problem with many students. They work hard throughout the course, but when it is time for the campus placement interview, it doesn’t go as expected. For many students, the campus placement interview is the first interview of their life. So, the nerves are understandable. But this is something they have to crack.

 There are a few tips and tricks students can follow to crack the campus placement interview. These tips are simple to follow and can be the bridge between you and placement in your dream job and company.

Various topics such as
  • Group discussion,
  • CV Writing,
  • HR &Technical Interview,
  • Confidence, Communication Skills,
  • Personality and Professional Skills will be discussed on the session.