“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.”

– Henry David Thoreau

Our Services

At Edvantage , we provide Consultancy Related Services based on Client Requirements in all fields including Upstream and Downstream in the Oil and Gas Sector. Having a network consisting of Experts around the globe, we deal in topics like Drilling and Completion, Project Management, etc. Edvantage has a large networking database which makes us efficient to have experts dealing with projects that are assigned to us.

Edvantage offers consultancy services in all three sectors including Upstream, Midstream ,and Downstream. We believe in helping with faster, better and more reliable, and safe capabilities on every INR spent. We have a team of global professionals with 200+ years of experience combined together in the field of Well Engineering, Drilling, and Completions to help in consultancy services.

Consultancy Services @ Edvantage

With a strong team of Technical Oil and Gas Consultants supported by enthusiastic young team , our company strives to develop cost effective, customized and innovative “consultancy solutions” in minimal time.