Introduction to Coil Tubing Last Updated: 2 months ago Mentor: Edvantage Learning
Introduction to Coil Tubing
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Learning Objectives:
on a  day-to-day basis, one of the most common technologies utilized in well intervention is coiled tubing. This is prevalent in the oil industry and the technology is used during drilling, completion, and production phases of oil & gas wells worldwide. The aim of this training is to enable participants to gain key knowledge that they will require to actively and efficiently participate in the planning, design, and/or execution of a Coiled tubing intervention.

Although the training is ideally designed for engineers, it is not a pre-requisite, and every attempt will be made to include people from other educational backgrounds. 

Duration: 5+ hours

Course Learning:

  • Define what is meant by "coiled tubing."
  • Identify the key elements of a typical coiled tubing unit.
  • Identify the circumstances in which coiled tubing may be used
  • Explain the benefits of using coiled tubing
  • Identify the hazards posed by coiled tubing operations
  • Describe the mitigation measures that can be used to control the risks posed by coiled tubing operations
  • Explain the actions to take in an emergency situation
  • Surface equipment’s
  • Understanding of Pre-Modeling Jobs
  • Fatigue tracking and its importance
  • Challenges on extended-reach wells Techniques
  • Address potential pre-job design issues 


  • Live Lectures from experienced professionals
  • Recorded session
  • Digital manuals
  • Field case studies
  • E-Certificates