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Decoding the data
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About the Course: Data science and machine learning are fast-paced emerging technologies across all industries including oil and gas. The oil and gas industry has taken big steps to adopt these technologies to make its exploration and production operations more efficient. This course is tailored for oil and gas industry professionals and students who are interested to implement data analysis and machine learning in their project development and operations.

Learning Objective: Our objective is to teach a comprehensive overview of the fundamental building blocks of the digital oilfield from the convergence of operational technology with the corporate information technology infrastructure, along with an understanding of the data foundation for a typical oil and gas exploration and production company and the challenges of “Big Data” to oilfield operations.

Course Duration: 3+ Hours

Prerequisites: This Course is designed for student and professional.

Topics to be Covered:

1.    Why data is Becoming the most trending commodity in the world

2.     What is big data and its features?

3.     Analysis V/S Analytics

4.     Learn how real-life Data Project workflow is handled

5.     Live case study on data science for oil and gas domain

6.     Demonstration with live example