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Power Bi In Oil and Gas
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Course Objectives: 
This course intends to train those energy aspirants who wish to kickstart or upskill their careers in energy analytics. In a world where Data is called the new oil, data is not useful unless it is broken down properly and visualized in such a way that everyone understands. Data visualization has turned into a life skill for employees, irrespective of their domain, hierarchy and experience Power BI is the most powerful tool of the hour, which can represent and visualize the data with many meaningful insights. 

Course Duration: 16+ Hours


  • We will teach from scratch , so there are no perquisites as such is required.
  • Having knowledge of data visualization, graphs and charts will be added on advantage.

Who can join the course?
Students and graduates from the energy industry looking to start their career as energy or Oil & Gas Analysts interested in becoming an excellent analyst for business development and tracking industry growth, etc. Oil and Gas professionals who like to learn new skillsets and optimize their work efficiency.

Application in Power Bi in Oil & Gas:
Power BI applications enable oil and gas companies to collect and analyze field data, provide operators with a reporting platform and use key information to help production teams make timely and critical decisions.

Important Business Benefits of the Power BI for the oil and gas industry:

Enhanced Reporting:- Reports are a key part of any Data Strategy. They are used to present information in a way that can be easily consumed. But there are times where the intentions of a report does not always meet the expectation of the end user. This can be because of how different the dataset is or just not having the right features available to enhance the presentation of the dataset.

Secure access to data and analyses: - Data protection capabilities in Power BI build on Microsoft's strengths in security and enable customers to empower every user with Power BI and better protect their data no matter how or where it is accessed.

Automated Updates of Reports:- When you monitor critical events, it's important for data to be
refreshed as soon as the source data is updated. For example, in the manufacturing industry, it's critical to know when a machine is malfunctioning or is close to malfunctioning. If you're monitoring signals like social media sentiment, you want to know about sudden changes as soon as they happen.

Quick Identification of causes for trends in the data:- Often in visuals, you see a large increase and then a sharp drop in values, and wonder about the cause of such fluctuations. With insights in Power BI you can learn the cause with just a few clicks.

Topics to be covered:- 

      1. Data Connection
     2. Field Data Preparation and Transformation

      3. Dealing with Distribution and outliers in field data
     4. Exploring relationships between field variables

     5. Analyzing trends for field production data
     6. Analyzing field performance by field basis
     7. Analyzing field performance by well basis
     8. Decomposition trees 

     9. Identifying key influencers
    10. Identifying bad actors
    11. Estimating average water cuts and BS&W
    12. AI interpretation for trends FIELD REPORTS AND DASHBOARDS
    13. Multi-well visualization
    14. Building Interactive Production dashboards
    15. Building real time reservoir monitoring dashboards