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Oil & Gas Well Cementation
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Cementing Services basically refers to pumping cement slurry into the well. It performs the key function of sealing the annulus after the casing string has been run into the wellbore.

Well construction typically consists of installing several casing strings, each requiring a cementing operation. As the well deepens, the diameter of each casing string is usually smaller than the preceding one A successful cementing job is crucial for the well integrity to allow continuing the drilling operations

The ultimate goals of these cementing technologies are to withstand the rigors of well operations and other disruptions that may occur over time and maintain zonal isolation indefinitely.

This course will be increase the participant’s knowledge of well cementing services & to help them understand design and operational considerations. This will empower students and professionals with the skills and knowledge to better understand, utilize, or supervise cementing operations. 

Learning outcomes will include:

  • Objectives, procedures and techniques used.
  • Various cement slurries, their design and properties.
  • Role and challenges of cementation for well integrity.