Introduction to drilling engineering Last Updated: 1 year ago Mentor: Edvantage Learning
Introduction to drilling engineering
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About the Course: 

Drilling engineers design and implement techniques to drill wells in the most safe and cost-effective manner feasible. They collaborate with the drilling contractor, service contractors, compliance workers, geologists, and other technical professionals. The drilling engineer is responsible for ensuring that expenses are kept to a minimum while gathering information to analyze the formations penetrated, preserving employees' and other personnel's health and safety, and protecting the environment.

The terminology, concepts, processes, and equipment used to drill oil and gas wells will be covered in this course. The drilling engineers' strategic planning will be explained in detail so that participants understand it and may begin designing a full well.

Learning Objective:
This training is designed for petroleum students as well as for Oil & Gas professionals. This training proffer's learners with a broad and concrete knowledge of Drilling Engineering. Daily lectures are planned to give learners a foundation over the wide range of drilling engineering topics, as well as to provide mentee with the detailed knowledge and skills needed in drilling engineering covering all the practical aspects of the industry.

Course Duration: 15+ hours

Prerequisites: The course is designed for both student and professionals. The participants should have basic knowledge of Oil & Gas discipline.

Topics to be Covered:

  • HSE & Safety
  • Basic Geology behind drilling
  • Why Drill?
  • The Overall Drilling process & Equipment
  • Drilling terminology
  • Rig equipment and types
  • types of drill bits
  • drill strings
  • Drilled Solids Management
  • Mud tank arrangements
  • Drilling Fluid properties
  • Well Control
  • cementing
  • Casing Design
  • Hole Problems (stuck pipe, lost circulation)
  • Well Control
  •  Directional Drilling Operations & tools