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Advance Well Control Engineering
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About the course: The role of the Well Control Training Program in developing safe oil drilling operations from the perspective of onshore and offshore drilling crews, this training course will address subjects beyond the understanding achieved from Well Control accreditation courses.

The course has been developed to provide participants with a deeper and wider knowledge of Well Control challenges. The lessons and understanding obtained will help avoid the problems faced in Well Control in the first place.

This 3 Weeks comprehensive course will address planning and implementation of operational procedures in Well Control. In the event that a Well Control incident occurs, participants will be equipped with down-hole awareness of the behaviour of influxes and how to manage pressures in the wellbore to avoid escalation of the event.

The course covers both basic well control modules, such as the source of pressures, kick detection methods and the various methods for “killing” vertical and deviated wells with the bit on bottom; and some advanced techniques required to effectively manage more complex well kicks, including kicks that occur in horizontal or highly deviated wells, kicks in oil muds where gas solubility can be a concern, and control methods for kicks taken with the bit off bottom, including volumetric well control, volumetric stripping and bull heading.

Learning Objective:

  • Analyze the statistics of the occurrences and reasons for blowouts
  • Understand the root causes of blowouts
  • Avoid well control conditions that lead to blowouts
  • Plan to avoid well kicks and blowouts
  • Manage well control operations
  • Interpret and manage pressure in the well
  • Select and understand well control methods to address various kick scenarios

Prerequisites: Participants will need to have a solid foundation within well engineering principles, well design, equipment, and operational procedures at a senior level.

Duration: 15+ hours

Topic to be covered:

·        Basic Well control Fundamental-Volume

  • Basic Area
  • Volume Annular
  • Internal & Annular Capacity
  • Pump Output
  • Annular Velocity
  • Tripping Dry & Wet
  • Slug Calculation

·        Basic well control Fundamental-Pressure

  • Importance of Pressure
  • Hydrostatic Pressure
  • U-tube concept
  • Bottom Hole Pressure (BHP),
  • Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD)
  • Leak Of Test (LOT)

·        Well Shut-In

  • Causes of Kicks
  • Early Kick Warning
  • Positive Kick Sign
  • Well Shut-In Line Up and Procedure
  • Recording Shut in Drill Pipe & Casing pressure
  • Kill Mud Wt. Calculation
  • Formation Pressure Calculation
  • Height of Influx and gradient of Influx Calculation
  • Gas Migration Behaviour Open and Close
  • Trip and Riser Margin
  • Slow Circulation Rate (SCR)
  • Choke Line Friction Losses (CLFL)

·        Well control Methods and Problem

  • Objective and Methods
  • Drillers Method
  • Wait & Weight (W&W) Method
  • Drillers vs W&W Method Comparisons, Casing Pressure &
  • Casing Shoe Pressure, Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Kick Influx Behaviour
  • Stripping and Volumetric Method
  • well control Operational Problems

·        Kill Sheet Exercise

  • Filled and Gauge Kill sheet golden rules with examples

·        Shallow Hazards

  • Shallow Gas
  • Hydrates
  • Procedure/Equipment/Planning Shallow hazard
  • Deepwater vs Onshore Shallow Hazard
  • Barrier
  • Significance primary/secondary/tertiary barrier policy
  • Drilling & Completion Operational Phase exercise

·        Well control Equipment

·        Well control Simulator

·        Well control API Std

·        Surface Equipment

  • Diverter System
  • Annular Preventor
  • Rams Preventors
  • Drilling & Riser Spool
  • Choke Manifold
  • Gas Separator
  • Hydraulic Control System
  • Drill string well control Equipment

·        Subsea

  • Subsea Challenges
  • Subsea BOP Control System
  • Tertiary well control -Blowout Containment
  • Procedure, Planning
  • Equipment

·        Unconventional well control Procedure with Case

  • Stripping, Snubbing
  • Volumetric
  • Bull heading