Well planning and DW designing Last Updated: 1 year ago Mentor: Edvantage Learning
Well planning and DW designing
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Abou the course: A Well Plan is a detailed statement of a proposed wellbore, which includes a wide range of information pertaining to the well which is supposed to be drilled or already in use. The plan is an important part of the well planning phase, wherein a wellbore may be studied and analyzed in detail.

This course is designed to promote an understanding of well design and engineering capabilities, unique to the deep-water environment. Participants are actively engaged in the skills and activities required to deliver a cost-effective well plan, while also gaining valuable perspective on the role of a DW drilling engineer as a project manager.

Learning objective: This course develops capability, at a skill level, in the design and drilling operations in Deepwater wells.  It is designed to give drilling engineering professionals an understanding of the technology, processes, and equipment used to drill Deepwater oil and gas wells.

Duration: 20+ hours

Prerequisites: This course provides an in-depth, practical understanding of well planning techniques, calculations, operations, equipment and procedures.

Topic to be covered:

  • Offset Well Data analysis
  • Offshore Considerations
  • Rig Selection
  • Casing Design on Excel
  • Cement Design
  • Hydraulic Design
  • Well Planning
  • completion
  • Well Costing