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Well Completion and Intervention
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About the course:

This course covers acceptable planning, techniques, and equipment for completion and stimulation of newly cased wells. Also covers planning, organizing, and supervising remedial and recompletion operations on old wells. This course emphasizes the role of engineers and field operators in planning and executing the Intervention Operations to maintain and increase field production and thus add to the profitability and recoverable reserves.

The course is highlighted with open discussions and problem solving shared by the instructor and participants.

First part of the course shall help the attendees to get introduced to, design philosophy, equipment, and resources (tools and consumables) used in completing the oil well along with the recommended operational sequence typically followed by the industry. Second part of the course will help attendees to get basic knowledge about the well intervention needs and techniques. Although the internship is ideal designed for engineers, it is not a pre requisite, and every attempt shall be made to include people from other educational backgrounds.

Learning objective:

To provide an in-depth knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of Well Intervention operations. At the end of the course delegates will learn about the many processes involved Well completion and well Intervention operations, equipment, how to plan a Well, and how to execute an operation.

Duration: 20+ hours

Prerequisites: A basic of understanding of the Well Completion And intervention Internship.

Topic to be covered:

Understanding Well Construction and Performance

  • Reservoir Types
  • Well architecture
  • Performance Issue and Damage
  • Production
  • Stimulation
  • Acid Stimulation
  • Hydro Fracturing
  • Other remedial

Introduction to Sand Control - Completion Design

  • Predicting Sand Production
  • Sand Mitigation – Screens
  • Gravel Pack
  • Frac Pack
  • Expandable Screens
  • Other Techniques + Conformance

Aspects of Completion Design

  • Casing and Tubing Performance and Sizing
  • Artificial Lift
  • Production Chemistry
  • Material Selection
  • Tubing Stress Analysis
  • Components of Completion
  • TRSSV, Packers, Wellhead Trees

Completion Operation

  • Inspection and Testing Of Equipment
  • Wellbore Clean out
  • Completion fluids
  • Procedures and Documentation

Need and Definition of Well Intervention

  • What is the meaning of Well intervention?
  •  Well Integrity Assurance and Standards
  • Objective of the Well intervention

Objectives Well Intervention Methods

  • Design and Concept discussion
  • Assess and Selecting the Method and Resources

Plan and Executing Well Interventions

  • Develop Completion and Well Intervention (CWI)
  • Program Field CWI Operations - Importance of Data and Record Keeping
  • Review of CWI Performance and Future Improvement.

Case History