Seismic & GIS Software Training Course Last Updated: 1 year ago Mentor: Edvantage Learning
Seismic & GIS Software Training  Course
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About this course: This course will introduce students to the state-of-the-art concepts and practices of remote sensing and GIS. It starts with the fundamentals of remote sensing and GIS and subsequently advanced methods will be covered.

Through GIS, remote sensing data can be integrated with data from other sources to facilitate the efforts of resource managers, planners and decision makers in obtaining the relevant information they need.

Learning objective: The aim of the course is to recall the advanced GIS and RS workflow methodologies learnt through the different trainings.

Duration: 10+ hours

Prerequisites: Important to have practical understanding over the seismic data and models using different software's such as Mesa, reflex, graph etc.

Topic to be covered:

  • type of coordinate systems
  • QGIS features and tools
  • using different data formats in QGIS
  • Georeferencing and Map making
  • working with Digital Elevation Model & Shapefiles
  • Earthquake Trend Analysis
  • Visualizing OIL & Gas Data
  • Air quality Mapping
  • Sue Survey Case Study