PVT Data Tuning & Artificial Lift Modelling Last Updated: 1 year ago Mentor: Edvantage Learning
PVT Data Tuning & Artificial Lift Modelling
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About the course: This comprehensive self-paced course will enable you to understand the concepts and practical applications of modelling naturally flowing and artificial lift wells with Prosper. The set of workshops and exercises will engage you to think about methods of collecting and validating proper data for well analysis as well as the design and diagnosis of artificial lift wells.

Learning objectiveTo provide an in-depth knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of artificial lifts operations. At the end of the course delegates will learn about the many processes involved PVT data tuning, about equipment, how to plan , and how to execute an operation.

Duration: 10+ hours

Prerequisites: very systematic approach and incorporating industry standards and propriety analysis and metrics, this workflow leads to fast delivery of analysis/results that enable production engineers to make smarter decisions faster.

Topics to be covered:

  • Well Design and Nodal analysis
  • IPR Concept and spreadsheet preparation
  • PVT analysis and tuning using software
  • Constructing IPR, VLP Curves and calculations
  • ESP well design and sensitivity analysis
  • Sucker rod pump design and evaluations