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Directional Drilling Course
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About the course: This course provides a comprehensive knowledge to prepare efficiently and succeed in drilling a directional well. This course builds a firm foundation in the principles and practices of directional drilling, calculations, and planning for directional and horizontal wells. Specific problems associated with directional/horizontal drilling such as torque, drag, hole cleaning, logging, and drill string component design are included. The basic applications and techniques for multi-lateral wells are covered in the course. Additionally, you will become familiar with the tools and techniques used in directional drilling such as survey instruments, Signal transmission Methods, MWD System Components, Geo-steering.

This training course will feature:

  • How to identify candidate wells for horizontal drilling, design horizontal and multilateral well profiles.
  • Understanding single and double build curve
  • Calculating torque and drag
  • Understanding kick off methods, compile a drilling and completion program and estimate wellbore stability mud weights.

Learning objective: Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to: 

  • know about the equipment needed for directional drilling,  design a directional well, 
  • calculate the trajectory of a deviated well in 2D design the drill stem, with regard to a well’s profile, in order to reach a target.

Duration: 5 Days

Prerequisites: All participants should have some basic drilling engineering knowledge/ experience.

Topic to be covered:

Through our course you will gain intensive knowledge in the mentioned topics:-

1. Basics of Directional Drilling

  • Introduction
  • Application of Directional Drilling
  • Features of Directional Drilling, Well profiles
  • Types of Well profiles

2. Surveying in Directional Drilling

  • Directional Surveying Introduction
  • Survey Terminology
  • Working of Directional Drilling Surveying
  • Directional Sensors
  • Mud Motors
  • Turbines

3. Measurement while Drilling

  • Introduction to MWD
  • MWD Vs LWD
  • LWD Vs Wireline Decision making
  • MWD Output
  • Signal transmission Methods
  • MWD System Components
  • Geo-steering
  • Downlinking
  • MWD tool face oriented aspects and its trouble shooting.