Breaking Down the Barrel: Refining Technologies Training Program Last Updated: 1 year ago Mentor: Edvantage Learning
Breaking Down the Barrel: Refining Technologies Training Program
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About the course: 

The petroleum refining training course covers the technology aspects you need to know about refineries from the properties and composition of crude oil to the core refining processes including atmospheric and vacuum crude oil distillation, hydrotreating, catalytic reforming, FCC, alkylation, hydrocracking, delayed coking, amine treating and Sulphur recovery and gasoline/diesel blending.

This training aims at improving the attendees’ knowledge and understanding of the principles of operation and decision-making involved in the management of refinery offsite operations, such as crude / fuels (Gasoline, Diesel, Fuel Oil) blending control and optimization, tanks farm management, terminal and custody transfer, oil movement etc.

Advanced process control strategies invariably use linear and non-linear programming methods to solve complex and non-unique process models solutions. These techniques are employed in refinery planning, blend recipe formulations, optimum operating parameters for process units, etc.

This training is ideal for the engineers, technicians, scientists, and operators who are already involved in the industry yet need to know more about the core refining processes to enhance their existing knowledge.

Learning objective:

This training will affirm the existing knowledge and increase learning and comprehension of the various systems of refinery offsite automation, thereby contributing toward efficient and economic management of the operations.

Upon completion of the refining technology training course, the attendees are able to:

  • Understand all the basics about crude oil, including its physical/chemical properties and composition
  • Understand and discuss major refinery processes
  • Describe all the refinery units
  • Understand the flow diagrams of refineries
  • Explain step-by-step the processes of refining
  • Understand the refinery products and their characteristics.

Duration: 15+ hours

Prerequisites: Petroleum Refining presents the fundamentals of thermodynamics and kinetics, and it explains the scientific background essential for understanding refinery operations and provides a detailed introduction to refinery engineering topics, ranging from the basic principles and unit operations to overall refinery economics.

Topic to be covered:

  • Overview of Indian OIL & Gas
  • Exploration and production of crude oil
  • Refining Process
  • Natural gas production, transportation and marketing
  • pipeline Network and Management
  • Petroleum: Integration with management
  • Olefin: Production and Downstream
  • Aromatic: Production and Downstream
  • Surfactant Lab and ethyl oxide
  • EDC , VCM, PVC, Styrene, Polystyrene
  • Propylene Deviates
  • Engineering and specialty plastics
  • Petroleum economics
  • Policy framework for Indian oil and gas.